The four celestial animals

In ancient time, these four spiritual creatures symbolize for guardian of cardinal directions. They are the black turtle (Xuan Wu), green dargon (Qing Long), white tiger (Bai Hu) and red pheonix (Zhu Que) represent front, back, left and right direction of each guardian. These four creatures also being used as four cardinal directions, north, south, east and west, symbolize harmonious and prosperities. This method is widely used in today's feng shui world, at the same time, it is also applied in face reading as well.






Jason Chong

Jason Chong is the name given to me. Working as a cabin crew for the previous 16 years has changed a lot of things in my life and I meant it in a good way. As a cabin crew, I've always traveled to many countries. That was when it all started, face reading. Seeing so many different faces of people from different countries was very interesting and it attracted me in one unusual way. I found out that, each face brings its own meaning in a unique and mysterious way.

Those 16 years, I've used to learn reading people's faces. It was a feeling of curiosity, and eagerness to come up with something, what their faces say about them. It doesn't matter where you come from or how you look like, there's always something that explains it all from your face. Years passed by, I became more and more interested in this one passion of mine. I did my research, learned more and I still do.

I've read faces of people from around the world and mainly from United States, Europe, Canada, Singapore and those who are locals. It gives me this one satisfaction to be able to read those faces as I'm able to help those with problems or to predict what's ahead of them. Some kind of pleasant feeling comes over me when I've successfully read someone’s face. To let them know, what needs to be changed, what those signs on their faces mean to their lives, how to solve problems in the best way, it's just what I love to do.

If you're just curious of what's going on with you or what's coming your way, you can always e-mail at

Chinese Physiognomy - Face Reading

Chinese Physiognomy commonly known as Face Reading is documented being used approximately 3,000 years ago.

Over the years principles have been developed that form the basis of determining the quality of a face.

One is that the human face is a system of life information. In other words the individual features of a face relate to each other. It is a mistake to just look at the nose or the eyes or the forehead. You can start with one part of the face and build on it with the next part of the face.

Through systematic analysis a face reader can read the secrets of the person's fate.

The principle of yin and yang or two polar opposites. The Chinese divination uses left for the male and right for the female. This comes from the yijing statement that yin standing alone will not yield, just as yang standing alone will not grow. This rule (left for male and right for female) is used in face reading and Chinese palmistry. So in face reading a man's face is read from the left side first and a woman's face is read from the right side first.

Then there is the principle of the five elements. The five element theory includes the ‘wuxing’ or the interaction of the five types of qi in cycles, generating, weakening, or controlling. This system used in face readings is applied to facial features. A long face belongs to
metal, A round face is water, A thick and heavy face is wood, A triangle face is fire, A square face is earth. Face readers don't stop at the shape of the face, however; they also look at the shape of the ears, the nose, eyes, and the corresponding proportions.

Metal + Earth; - Fire
Water + Metal; - Earth
Wood + Water; - Metal
Fire + Wood; - Water
Earth + Fire; - Wood

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August 2012

August 2012


面相学是一门通过观察,分析一个人的面部特征,并以之为基础,在一定的理论指导下,对一个人的运势走向进行分析与预测。 一个人的各项生理指标往往会以直接或间接的方式体现于人的面相中。 我们在日常生活中也会发现,1个人的家世,个性,举止,思想等往往都会在其面部的形貌,气色中反映出来。而个性和家世又与1个人的运势有着极大的关系。 虽然这种关系比较复杂,但是通过一定的方法进行研究,还是可以得到其中的规律。 面相学的诸多理论是来自几千年来大量面相师对各种人体面部特征与人生运势走势之间的关系进行研究后,归纳总结出来的。面相学作为一门经验学科,在今天仍有其生命力,尤其在管理学,人才学等领域,面相学都能找到自己的用武之地。在日常生活中,其追随者,都是不绝如缕的,用面相学来知人论事,肯定会让我们少走弯路。

如果,大家对面相有兴趣,想知道自己的面相对自己的运势有何体现,可以联系我,Jason。 我的邮箱是

100 years map

15. zheng e
16. tian zhong
17. ri jiao
18. yue jiao
19. tian ting
20. zuo fu gu
21. you fu gu
22. si kong
23. zou bian cheng
24. you bian cheng
25. zhong zheng
26. chiew ling
27. zhong mu
28. yin tang
29. zuo shan lin
30. you shan lin
31. ling yun
32. zi qi
33. zi xia
34. cai xia
35. tai yang
36. tai yin
37. zhong yang
38. zhong yin
39. shao yang
40. shao yin
41. shan gen
42. jing she
43. guang dian
44. nian shang
45. shou shang
46. zuo quan
47. you quan
48. zhun tou
49. lan tai
50. ting wei
51. ren zhong
52. zuo xian ku
53. you xian ku
54. shi cang
55. lu cang
56. zuo fa ling
57. you fa ling
58. zuo hu er
59. you hu er
60. shui xing
61. cheng jiang
62. zuo di ku
63. you di ku
64. po chi
65. er ya
66. zuo jin lou
67. you jin lou
68. zuo gui lai
69. you gui lai
70. song tang
71. di ge
72. zuo nu pu
73. you nu pu
74. zou sai
75. you sai

Face Reading

Face Reading (physiognomy) provides handy insights into your hidden personality, past history, current situation and future development. Your face is like your autobiography that is open to everyone to read. In short, your face reveals your fate.
The Chinese believe in lucky and unlucky faces and a great deal is made of the mountains and rivers of the face, which indicate wealth and fortune. Generally, the central axis of the face is deemed to be a crucial indicator of a person's lot in life, and when this appears to balance both sides of the face, the powerful trinity of luck is said to be properly aligned for prosperity.


Face Shape

Each element, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, is associated with a particular face shape.

August 2012

August 2012
These are the facial characteristics I evaluate:

7.Eyes-Size of Iris
8.Eyes-Corner Indents
9.Eyelids-Top Lids
10.Eyelids-Bottom Lids
11.Nose-Size & Shape
14.Nose Tip-Angle
15.Nose Tip-Size & Shape
16.Nostrils-Size & Shape
18.Ears-Cups & Ridges
21.Ear/Eye Combination
25.Lips-Size & Shape
29.Chin/Eyebrow Combination
30.Dimples & Clefts
32.Face Shape
33.Face Types
34.Head Types

If cosmetic surgery has a positive effect on the person, It may certainly change the present fortune. Anything that improves Inner glow will improves your fortune.

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Moles on Men's & Women's Face

Every mole on the face different positions has different meanings. They can be good (auspicious) or bad (inauspicious) moles. Not all moles are bad. Most of the moles serve as a warning or reminder so you can be more vigilant to protect yourself from harms. The good moles symbolizing good luck and fortune are usually hidden or not easily seen.

Moles on Ears

Moles on Ears and what the indications for that person.

Thirteen Important Areas

Thirteen Important Areas

Order Personal Face Reading


The face is a living record that out pictures our personality and represents the sum total of our life. A face is seldom the same on both sides, since we function in areas of life differently.

To receive analysis it is important to keep your hair off of your forehead, ears, and cheeks. It is impossible to read what can not be seen.


Face Reading analysis will be base on very simple format and reply via email without any report attach after payment made.

Provide 5 major questions in life that require attention and guidance. Interpretation will be base on pictures receive, together with the best solutions how to tackle problems if requires and to enhance further face luck.

We control our destiny and are responsible for our own decisions, we can always change what lies ahead of us.


*Date & Time of Birth
*E-Mail Address


*Full Face (looking straight into the camera)
*Right Profile
*Left Profile


*A close up. (Every line visible brings a message)
*With the forehead and ears completely exposed.
*With head level - NOT TILTED (you will often need to straighten the photo subject).


*Remember the quality of your photos sets the base for your reading.

*Photos must be taken in high resolution.

Note: Please contact me to resolve any question before purchasing the reading at


Order Personal Face Reading

Bad moles, indentation, piercing, scars marked, lines, and even shapes of your face can change over time, meaning your fate can alter through the years. You can utilize your Own Power, the Earth Power to neutralize the Heaven Power. Ultimately, when you change your heart, you will change your face; when you change your face, you can change your fate.